fort lauderdale international airport to boca raton

Although we have a van transportation service that can transport 15 people at a time occasionally we will use our van to take one person. This man had unusally large suitcases he is in sales. The plane landed 1.5 hour later that expected. We keep track of the the...

ft. lauderdale airport to margate florida

On this trip we picked up a nice lady from arriving from chicago and drove her to margate fl. We talked during the trip. She works as a school principle for an elementary school in a low income area. It was interesting when she spoke about how working in high/low...

Fort lauderdale airport to Inverary

Fort lauderdale airport to Inverary This flight we arrived right on time to picked up an elderly gentleman. Even at 90 he walked at a faster pace than I. We took the 95 instead of the turnpike. 40 min trip.

Fort lauderdale transportation to Tamarac

This after we picked up a couple from FLL. They return from a concert week in Nashille. The flew SouthWest airlines. The bags and fight were delayed 20 Mins. After getting on the road the trip lasted 35 mins. We arrived safely in tamarac.

Fll airport to coral springs shuttle service

Fll airport to coral springs shuttle service Aftermidnight i drove a young snowboarder coming in from colorado back to his parents home in cs. We discusses spring break and how some college people in Colorado resemble hippies. He told how how when they rented an SUV a...