Port Everglades to Margate


Today I picked the same passengers that we dropped off the week before. The port was rainy

port everglades gate

Be sure to bring your ID when entering the port. The Guard at the gate will as you what you are doing there.

port everglades guide: appoaching the port 25

We were there to pickup from the Millennium Cruise ship ship located on port 25.

Millennium Cruise at port everglades

Millennium Cruise ship Has a big X on the top.

Its always better to have a cell phone when onboard, the passengers on this trip did not have one and had to wait until the could use the onboard phone.

It is difficult to pickup people from the port, you are not allowed to park near the ships. One has to circles around many times until the passengers can be visually identified.

port everglades parking

There is a parking garage at port everglades but it was closed for some reason.

We arrived at margate safely!